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sábado, 22 de julho de 2017

22 fotos raras de grandes monumentos históricos sendo construídos

# 1. A Ópera de Sydney em construção na década de 1960.

#2. Christ the Redeemer being built on a mountaintop in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

#3. Manhattan Bridge in New York City, 1909.

#4. The London Tower Bridge without a middle in 1892.

#5. The beginnings of the Hoover Dam.

#6. The U.S. Capitol Building in 1861.

#7. The Eiffel Tower under a cool illusion.

#8. The Crazy Horse Memorial, located in Black Hills.

#9. The Atomium in Brussels, Belgium.

#10. Mount Rushmore, missing some key players.

#11. The Statue of Liberty reaching new heights in 1885.

#12. One World Trade Center in 2012.

#13. The Lincoln Memorial, pictured during construction, missing the head of Lincoln.

#14. The early stages of the Washington Monument.

#15. Dubai's Burj Khalifa, being completed in 2008.

#16. The Golden Gate Bridge in 1932.

#17. New York City's Flatiron Building, pictured here in 1902.

#18. The construction of the World Trade Center in 1970.

#19. The Empire State Building in 1931.

#20. The layers of the Petronas Towers being built in Malaysia in 1995.

#21. The construction of the Space Needle in Seattle. This photo was taken in 1961.

#22. The iconic Gateway Arch, looming large over St. Louis in 1965.

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